The Entrepreneur Club was formed through the coming together of Gary Walker & Co Wealth Management and selected successful Aberdeenshire business owners.  An ever-growing community for entrepreneurial individuals who support each other and businesses in the North-East region.


Our club aims to inspire, develop and connect a diverse, talented and ambitious group of people who have the potential to change our local economy and society. We are here to deliver real-life support and training for members, according to the unique challenges and stages of their business journey.


A community for the most ambitious, entrepreneurial individuals who are caring, ever-growing, who support each other and also inspire our surroundings in the North-East region in the process.


We add value to our members, in ways relevant to their entrepreneurial journey, through:

  • Equipping
  • Encouraging
  • Inspiring

You can apply to join, by filling in our application form. This form takes less than 3 minutes to complete and your application will be considered.

The Typical SME Journey

Entrepreneurial journeys are rarely the same and there are a thousand twists and turns in the road. However, there are some tried and tested steps that you should take to keep your business on a firm footing and ensure you are always ready to take the next step.

  • Start-up funding for you and your idea.
  • Development and expertise for you and your idea.
  • A safe and productive sounding board for you and your idea.
  • Mentors for you and your journey
  • Financial management and planning
  • Spring board to growth
  • You should begin building a leadership team
  • Focus on winning and retaining clients
  • A clear strategy for execution is now essential
  • Invest in people, systems, sales and marketing, and funding growth
  • Prioritise efficient cash management and optimising working capital
  • It’s time to develop your middle management team around skilled and motivated people
  • To create scalable IT systems and work processes
  • Focus on market trends, customer needs, competitor activity and acquisition opportunities
  • Is your shareholder structure fit for purpose?
  • Enhancing cash and return on investment will drive business success


  • Decide if you are emotionally ready to sell your business
  • Review the business and prepare for due diligence
  • Identify and address any weaknesses
  • Ensure the management team enhances your business valuation – confirm they are aligned on aspiration and purpose
  • Review your professional adviser team
  • Review management and employee incentives
  • Review your shareholder and capital structure
  • Prepare your family members to take over the business 
  • Be ready’


Members Benefits

Financial Planning: 1:1 Wealth management health check review

Access to a powerful network of entrepreneurs, mentors & investors

Attend events and meet exceptional people to help develop your business.

Partnerships: share ideas with each other and grow together

Knowledge: E-briefings tailored to your needs

Join Now

To join our network you can apply by completing our application form. This form takes less than three minutes to complete and your application will be considered.

Our Directory

Our members are growth-oriented entrepreneurs, willing to share their experience and time. Search the database and extend your network.


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