Should you start again?

After selling a successful business many entrepreneurs miss the excitement and challenge of running the show and are tempted to start over again. But is it wise to plough your hard-won money back into a risky venture?  Martin Brown, of SME growth advisor Elephants Child, says: “Just because you did well once doesn’t mean you […]

Breaking down the barriers

In March, technology company DocuSign asked a thousand small and medium-sized enterprises about the barriers they faced when seeking to grow. They discovered that finance, lack of experience and red tape were the pressing issues holding businesses back – only 22% said they planned to expand outside the UK in the next five years.1 “More […]

Borrowing from friends and family

You can always count on your best man. From organising the stag do to adjusting your tie at the aisle. But investing in your start up business? That was the experience of Nick Farnsworth founder of toy business Little Sport Star when seeking investment to move online. “We launched in 2012 and through a US […]